be TRIUMPHANT, little gecko!

secret santa 2022 gift for StarGecko, with the prompt "a small story that ends".

halfway through writing the ending i realised that i just subconsciously plagiarised everything everywhere all at once, oops!

thanks to:

Sheepolution & Kya - hosting the jam

adam le doux - bitsy and bitsy tile packs

little pixel circle - 1-bit collection

BlueApollo - Oracle 1bit Assets (8x8)

Teaceratops - 1-bit tileset 8*8px (Pulp compatible)

Kenney - Micro Roguelike and 1-Bit Pack

patvanmackelberg - 8x8 Critter Pack

Adam Saltsman - Cavernas and Monochrome Caves

Toby_Yasha - Ancient Magis 10 Palette

Made withbitsy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Hello, Celesti! Did you made sound design in S. Pixel dungeon?

(1 edit)

Most of the sound effects in Shattered are the same as the original Pixel Dungeon by Watabou, but yes I’ve contributed some new sounds.



hi! you seem to have created a whole account just to leave this comment??

this is fate。


I dind't play to the end, but I really enjoyed adventureing through that little world, finding more out about it and "myself". The art, atmosphere, story and cotrols create a very sound mixture and feeling. It feels great to play this game and it is inspiring. Thank you for creating that (´▿`)


thank you for playing! 💜