half puzzle, half instrument. an audio game.


  • Click on the "Run audio game" button to start loading. After loading is finished, you should hear some instructions.
  • Hold down one or more of the A, S, D, F letter keys to choose a tone.
  • Press the Spacebar key to play the Instrument. Releasing Spacebar too quickly after pressing it causes some problems, so try to hold it for at least 100 milliseconds, especially when trying to play short notes!
  • Press the R letter key to replay the target sequence. The Tab and Enter keys will also work.
  • If at any time keyboard inputs stop working, please try clicking on the game again to give it focus.
  • To exit the game in the browser version, simply close the webpage. In downloaded versions you will need to hold the ESC (escape) key instead.
  • You can also use the "P" letter key to skip levels, though the feature is very buggy and might break things.


This is an audio game that features no visuals. Turn up the volume and listen closely. Headphones recommended.

If the browser version doesn't work or loads too slow, please download the desktop version instead!

There is no menu or saving system for this game because I don't know how to code one, sorry. It's short enough to finish in one sitting though. 

Created for BlindJam 2020. Updated post-jam to fix bugs.

I have also open-sourced the Godot project on Github. If you want to devise your own levels, download Godot Engine 3.2, open the project, and mess around with Course.gd.


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Windows 17 MB
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Mac OSX 18 MB

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Great concept. We need more games that can be played without visuals. The sounds are rad